Amazon shoppers love the GhostBed pillow



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Everyone knows how annoying and painful sleeping on a bad pillow can be. From neck cricks to tossing and turning all night, a pillow that’s too firm, too flat, or too stuffed to the seams with bunched up Poly-Fil can but a serious damper on the rest of your day. But the ergonomic and cooling GhostPillow has Amazon customers raving. Here’s what all the hype is about:

Perfect Alignment While You Sleep

Finding a pillow that supports your head and neck can help combat chronic pain and sleepless nights. The GhostPillow is perfect for sleepers of all kinds (side, back, or front) because of the supportive but plush design.The molded pure gel memory foam conforms to your most comfortable position while keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

A Cooling Pillow

Hot sleepers love the GhostPillow because it fights sweaty nights on two fronts: the cool burst airflow technology makes the GhostPillow of the most breathable memory foam pillows on the market, and the GhostIce fabric is designed to wick moisture and stay cool no matter the season.

What Customers Are Saying

“By far one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever put my head on,” shows up in one reviewer’s endorsement, and this sentiment is echoed throughout Amazon customer raves. Customers said this pillow immediately transformed their sleep habits. While they once woke up with a stiff neck and back, the GhostPillow provided relief, comfort, and perfect support. Reviews also mentioned how cool they felt throughout the night.

GhostBed Luxury Memory Foam GhostPillow available from Amazon