Install house numbers



While the numerals add a design element to an entry their real value is to identify a house.

You don’t appreciate the importance of house numbers until you’re driving around an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for an address. Large, clear readable numbers are the only clue to locate your destination. While the numerals add a design element to an entry their real value is to identify a house. While a delivery service uses a GPS to locate an address, house numbers confirm it.

You’ll find house numbers sold individually and as decorative tiles in a wide range of sizes and styles, not to mention prices, available in specialty catalogs and at home centers and hardware stores. Depending on their design, the individual numerals are installed with screws or fasteners. Another option is a custom number plaque.

When you remove the old numerals some coverup work to conceal the holes will be needed, so plan to patch them. If new numbers are part of an exterior makeover plan to paint the siding or trim, and then install them on a clean new surface.

Don’t assume you’ll replace house numbers in the same place the old ones were installed. Consider the best location where they are most visible during the day and night. This is especially important at night. Another trick is to drive around your neighborhood and rate the best and worst house numbers based on their readability.

Should you place them vertically or horizontally? To decide, create two makeshift number boards – vertical and horizontal layouts – by sketching numbers with a marker on a piece of cardboard. Tack or tape up in different places taking advantage of illumination from the entry light. Placement is important so spend time laying out the numbers, so they are evenly spaced.

A handyman will install four 5-inch high polished brass numerals ($15 each) for $138, which includes labor and material. The cost will be more depending on any extra repair work needed. You can make the installation for $55 and save 60% for your effort.

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Pro Cost — DIY Cost — Pro time — DIY Time — DIY Savings — Percent Saved

$138 — $55 — 0.8 — 1.0 — $83 — 60%