Buying Guide: This $30 kit will help you fix cracked tile on a budget




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Bathroom and kitchen renovations rank among the costliest home improvements, and retiling tubs and backsplash is a big reason why. Fortunately, if you just have a few cracks in your tile floor or granite countertop, this DIY tile and stone repair kit can help you fill in the gaps for less than $30.

Fix Damaged Floors, Tile, and Sinks

This easy-to-use tile and stone repair kit isn’t just for bathroom tile or floors. The filler can also use to fill shallow gaps and flea bite chips in porcelain skinks, cracks on granite counters, and scratches on laminate floors. With 9 color glosses that can be mixed with the repair putty, you can customize the color to find the perfect match for any repair.

Everything You Need for Less Than $30

While replacing tile and stone can break the bank, this gap filler kit gives you everything you need for a perfect finish for less than $30. The putty, color tints, lacquer, graining cotton swab, brush, mixing spatula, bowl, and mixing board are all included, and the formula guide will help you create complex shades. The eBook also walks you through every step of the renovation.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love this tile repair kit for quick fixes in their homes. One customer was able to easily repair chipped tile in the bathtub while another fixed a crack in a granite sink that would have cost $300 to have professionally repaired.

Tile Repair Kit Stone Repair available from Amazon