Upgrading your wall art can seem super expensive, but there are a bunch of affordable sites to find fantastic pieces.

Recognized by its clean lines and bold shapes, contemporary style projects a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic.

Often confused with mid-century modern, a post-World War II style, contemporary design emerged in the late 20th century. While it’s always evolving to reflect present-day trends and tastes, many of its concepts remain the same. Minimalist furniture, splashes of vibrant color and eye-catching accessories are must-haves in contemporary interiors.

From achieving the right lighting to finding the perfect art to hang on the walls, there are plenty of tips and tricks for creating a contemporary style that you’ll love coming home to.

MUN_amazon royal blue sofa.jpg

Casa AndreaMilano sectional sofa in royal blue, $696.45, amazon.com

Two books and a TV show that can guide your contemporary-style journey:

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